Saint Moritz

One of the most famous and best-liked winter tourist destinations in the world.
Just the name, St. Moritz calls immediately to mind luxury hotels, VIPs and international starlets, gala evenings and unbridled shopping in high-prestige boutiques.

Luxury Hotels in Saint Moritz
, chalets for rent in St. Moritz, luxury services such as transport by helicopter, luxury car hire and personal services are everyday matters in this corner of paradise.
Without doubt, St. Moritz is Switzerland’s most prestigious ski destination, visited by an international tourism of high purchasing power.

Kings, actors and assorted VIPs are assiduous habitués of St. Moritz, known as the metropolis of the Alps.
There are many luxury hotels in St. Moritz, as well as top-brand boutiques and prestigious clinics, all the structures and activities nestling in this alpine scenario, among lakes and mountains.
Situated in the High Engadine, at an altitude of 1,856 meters, St. Moritz is kissed by the sun for an average of 322 days per year.
The sun is, in fact, the local symbol, and St. Moritz has been able to “shine” in other connections in its role as precursor, as in 1878 when the first electric light bulb shone, or in 1889 for the first Alpine golf tournament, while 1935 saw the first runs of the first Swiss ski lift.
The tourist attractions such as the leaning tower, the church of St. Maurice, going back to the 1500s, or the Segantini Museum, are alternatives to the jet set and its luxury, always present in St. Moritz.
Also worth a visit is the area around St. Moritz, with its fabulous nature.
With an all-year presence, St. Moritz boasts noteworthy summer activities such as excursions and serious climbing, sailing, windsurfing, rafting on the River Inn, tennis and horse riding.

St. Moritz, a golfer’s paradise
St. Moritz is a byword in Alpine golf for its five courses and 60 holes and the unique landscapes that seem to have been plucked from a fable.
While being able to boast of many summer activities, it is the winter that is protagonist in St. Moritz, with modern infrastructure and 350 km of runs at the disposition of fans.
On the Corviglia, the mountain dear to the heart of St. Moritz, is the starting point of Switzerland’s steepest downhill run, with a vertiginous 100% drop on the crag of the Piz Nair.
The site of no less than two Winter Olympics has numerous attractions to offer : bobsleigh runs, snowboarding park, paragliding, hang-gliding, alpine excursions, cross-country skiing…

Events in Saint Moritz
Saint Moritz Gourmet Festival :
Once a year, chefs of international fame bewitch the taste buds of their guests (January/February).
White Turf in Saint Moritz :
a traditional horserace on the frozen Saint Moritz lake, an appointment since 1907 (February).
Engadine Ski Marathon in St. Moritz : one of the greatest sport events in the world and an extreme challenge for the 13,000 cross-country skiers who take part (March).
Snow and Symphonie Music Festival in Saint Moritz :
a winter festival of top-level classical music. (March/April).
International concert weeks in Saint Moritz :
since 1940, this event has been part of the St Moritz official calendar, with orchestras, conductors and soloists of worldwide fame.

Things to do in Saint Moritz
Bernina Express :
the panoramic train running along the most beautiful line in Europe, reaching the Val Poschiavo.
Swiss National Park : 172 square kilometres, the largest natural reserve in Switzerland, with nature absolutely undisturbed.

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