The second Italian city by population after Rome, Milan is at the center of the largest metropolitan area in Italy and is the most important national financial market.
The city lies about 70 Km from Lugano and is close to Lake Como.
The world design capital, Milan hosts the annual "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" (Home Design Furniture Fair), the most important appointment at world level for interiors and furnishings, along with the associated artistic and cultural event Fuorisalone.
The city is also big on the world fashion map and hosts the annual Fashion Week.
Milan boasts Europe’s top fair site with a hotel offer up to top international standards.
Many Milanese luxury hotels can boast exclusive and personalized services.
The city is surrounded by towns that possess beautiful townscapes, such as the area of Lake Como, and luxury hotels outside town.

Culture and history of Milan
In the cultural area, since the 19th century Milan has been Italy’s main publishing center for all types of publications, and is on the world music scene with the La Scala Theater and its long operatic tradition.
Founded by the Insubres, a Celtic people, in the early 6th century BC, it was conquered by the Romans in 223 BC and was known as Mediolanum; it grew over the centuries, becoming one of the Imperial seats of the Western Roman Empire.
During its history, it has played various roles, including capital of the Duchy of Milan and capital of the Kingdom of Italy during the Napoleonic period.

Luxury hotels in the historic center of Milan and top fashion boutiques
Most of the artistic-architectural patrimony is to be found in the historic center, along with the luxury hotels in the center of Milan, 5-star hotels near Milan Cathedral, and a heavy concentration of top-fashion boutiques, the topmost on via Montenapoleone.

Milan Cathedral, La Scala Opera, and Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery
The monument-symbol of the city is the cathedral of Saint Mary Nascent, better known as the Duomo di Milano, situated on the square of the same name, the town’s center of economic and cultural activity.
A short distance away is the eighteenth-century Teatro alla Scala, one of the world’s most famous opera theaters.
These two important places are linked by the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, with its eclectically styled iron and glass structure, home to many top fashion boutiques.
Another symbol of Milan is the Sforzesco Castle, originally conceived as an exclusively military structure, then reworked as an elegant court for the lords of the city.
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