Lugano is the largest city in Canton Ticino, close to Lake Como and Milan.
The third financial center and important place for congresses, Lugano is home to important banking houses but is also a town of parks and flower-filled gardens, villas and religious buildings.
Lugano offers all the advantages of a cosmopolitan city while maintaining the spirit of a town on a human scale with a typical Mediterranean atmosphere.
The richness of the city is reflected in its central luxury stores, where one can admire Swiss top watchmaking, jewelry, antiques, and Lugano’s ample offer of luxury hotels.

Lake Lugano
Lake Lugano is a naturalistic jewel of unique vistas, romantic and melancholic atmospheres that reflect the calm and tranquil soul of the Swiss..
Beside Lake Lugano can be found hotels and restaurants with terraces over the water or the typical Grotti ( taverns in caverns ).
Almost all of these activities can be reached from the lake with motorboats, most being equipped with small private landings making tying-up easy.
In these places along the lake, one can take in a unique atmosphere made up of quiet corners of paradise, green lawns in the shade of enormous ancient trees, the limpid freshness of the waters of the lake, the public bathing places, restaurants with a view to die for, suites and rooms with balconies….it all seems straight out of a book of fairy tales with you as the protagonists.
For lovers of sport or nightlife, however, Lugano offers much in the way of lake-based activities and plenty of nightspots.
The many nightclubs, discotheques and the Lugano Casino know well how to entertain and divert even the most demanding traveler.
The nearness of Milan and Lake Como makes Lugano a favorite spot for Italians, who cross the border in search of tranquility and special service.
A visit to this city will therefore turn out to be an experience not to be missed, in one of the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland.
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