Beautiful city and capital of the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland).
Berne is one of the most important commercial centers in Switzerland, and thanks to its beauty is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The city was born in 1191 by the wish of Duke Berthold V of Zahringen, who chose this position for its excellent natural defense.
A popular story has it that the chosen spot was where the Duke killed a bear (Bar, hence Berne).
In 1218, the family dynastic line was interrupted, and the Emperor conceded administrative autonomy to the city.
In 1353, it entered the Old Swiss Confederacy, keeping a dominant role until 1848, when it became the seat of the Council and Federal Assembly.

Berne luxury hotels
There are many luxury hotels in Berne offering meeting halls and all the high-level services necessary to welcome an international clientele with high purchasing power.
The historic center of Berne, one of the best preserved in all Switzerland, sits upon a peninsula surrounded by a wide bend of the River Aare.
Right in the center is the imposing Bundeshaus, meeting place for the Swiss Parliament. Museums, theaters, varied attractions, restaurants, shops and the weekly markets are all easily reached on foot.
With its 6 km of arcades, Berne offers one of the longest covered shopping places in Europe.
In the mid-16th century, the city received eleven figurative fountains in renaissance style, the Zähringerbrunnen, built to the memory of Berthold V von Zähringen, the founder of the city.
The clock tower, the Bärengraben (trench of the bears), and other attractions make Berne a place not to be missed.
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